Zen outlook toward life. I began learning haiku in February 2013 and it quickly became part of my every day mindfulness. I share my haiku here from Haiku Heights and Carpe Diem and the occasional stray unprompted haiku that comes from a moment in life.

I’m a retired/disabled psychotherapist and former corporate writer. Writing has been a love since second grade. Life disrupted by trauma in my 40s. Earned counseling degree in my late 40s. Disability four years later. Am still working on healing body having focused first on mind and soul.

My main blog is here. I repost my haiku by request for ease of commenting for those who have difficulty with Blogger. If you are reading this, thank you so much for visiting. Namaste.

For those interested, I have begun posting a new novel…fictionalized reality about a secret government program which targeted newborns as a new generation of mind controlled “puppets”. Segments are added as posted for writing challenges. The novel is Blind Obedience.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. aloha Maggie. I know your main blog is on Blogspot (I have one there and have had several there, there are some good things about Blogspot but I don’t find it particularly reader friendly). i read your prompt responses on Blogspot, along with the other blogs that respond to the Carpe Diem prompts there. it’s just difficult and time consuming for me to “like”, comment or otherwise note I’ve been there, so I just go and read. I wonder if it might be worth while to double post your ku here on WP too? of course WP has it’s quirks as well. just a thought. ku on. aloha. Rick.

    • Oh my, such synchronicity. I just visited your dVerse amazing writing and commented then went to my mail and found your comment here. Thank you for finding me! Depression is a journey all it’s own. Welcome, neighbor!

  2. Hey,
    It is much easier to read something posted here. I hope you are doing alright.
    I am going to look forward to your posts. Sometimes it is quite tedious to visit the blogspot websites. But I am quite a fan of your words and try to read your creations whenever possible.
    Cheers! :-)

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